Headphones & Snowcones on the April Tour

We are pleased to announce that we’ll be offering the ability to experience live UM like never before on the entire April run. Headphones & Snowcones makes its debut east of the Ole Miss!

What the hell is Headphones & Snowcones you ask? H&S is a pristine soundboard mix piped wirelessly to your ears through audiophile quality headphones. The nuance of every note, the clarity of every lyric, the breath of every space is now yours for the taking…LIVE. Utilizing technology identical to what the band uses, you will be armed with a Sennheisser in-ear monitor wireless pack and high fidelity Audio-Technica headphones, allowing you to experience the sonics of Umphrey’s McGee in absolutely unparalleled quality. Prepare to change the way you experience live music.

Umphrey's McGee 3-23-2013 © Spady Photography


To sign up for any of the 9 shows on this run, email headphones@umphreys.com with the date of the show(s) and desired quantity and and we’ll get you squared away pronto. 


  • A groundbreaking live experience featuring a pristine live audio mix delivered via in-ear monitors & audiophile headphones
  •  Private viewing & listening area (due to certain venue limitations, not all venues will be able to accomodate. Inquire for details)
  •  UMLive download of the performance (MP3 or FLAC)

When & Where:

  • All UM dates beginning in Charleston, South Carolina on April 10th and concluding in Austin, TX on April 20th.

How Much:

  •  $40.00 (+deposit): Includes belt pack & headphone rental, private viewing/listening area, and UMLive download of show (MP3)

 How Many:

  • Exclusively limited to 18 fans per night


  • Because you don’t know what you’re missing
  • Because something this good shouldn’t be only be for sound engineers

Umphrey's McGee 3-23-2013 © Spady Photography

Feeling it in LA

The fine print: A regular ticket to the show is required. A credit card authorization of $500 will be held upon rental but will only be charged if you walk off with a belt pack and/or headphones or either are returned damaged (or submerged in a 32oz. beer). Only headphone customers will be allowed inside the reserved front-of-house area. You are free to leave the reserved section however we only guarantee an uninterrupted audio signal inside said section (for now). Note that in the event of rain at in St. Petersburg or Austin we will have to issue refunds or rain checks. You will receive an email with further details. Prepare to have your mind blown.  

Umphrey's McGee 3-23-2013 © Spady Photography


UM Team Member Matt Heller chats with a happy guest