Update on allthings.umphreys.com

It’s been just over 2 weeks since the launch of allthings.umphreys.com, and we’re really pleased with the reception the site has received and the feedback we’ve gotten. To date, we’ve made over 200 changes to the site to fix bugs and address issues you’ve raised. Because we have big plans for the site and the community around it, I wanted to take some time to outline some of the enhancements added.

We do love our stats

One of the most interactive parts of the site is the ability to leave reviews on shows. When you’re logged into the site, at the bottom of each review, you’ll now find two links: “Helpful” and “Report.” Please click the “Helpful” link on reviews that you think best sum up the show experience. The reviews with the most votes will be shown first, helping people find the best ones first when looking through setlists. You can use the “Report” button to report reviews that are spam, contain hateful language, or are just trolls. A fixed number of “Report” clickers will automatically hide the review by making it a “private” review.

Speaking of “private,” I’ve activated a new messaging system. Inside your ATU account, you now have an Inbox that lets you contact other ATU users. You can, for example, message someone to tell them you enjoyed their review. You can compose messages by clicking the “Messages” link in the upper-right hand corner of any page on ATU, or you can click the email icon on any show review.

The Lists feature is a lot of fun – you can make a list not only of the shows you’ve seen, but of pretty much anything – the UMLive shows you own, the FLACs you’ve downloaded from Archive.org, all shows with a special guest on a Tuesday west of the Mississippi.  The interface was a little confusing though, we know. So we redesigned the Lists page to make things easier. We also made it easier to add and remove shows from your existing lists.

One request I heard in person a few times in Milwaukee was for “gap charts.” Gap charts show how many shows since the last appearance of a song.  I’ve added the gap number to the ATU song pages, and a show-level gap chart is coming very soon.

We poured a lot of love into stats. Fixed a few small issues (Umphrey’s has played three cities called “Oxford“, they were all lumped together), fixed the displays to be consistent, pretty, and sortable, and added a few new stats, such as “Most Common Not Played” and some stats on originals and covers on the “Overview” page.

A slew of bugs have been squashed, including some broken links and some template tweaking. ATU should be getting more reliable too.

The site is now reaching a plateau where we’ll slow down on too many new features until we begin to hear that people are comfortable with everything.  Of course, the tinkerers we are, we’re still happy to accept feature requests and/or bug submissions.  You can tweet us at @AllThingsUM.