A dedicated commitment to all things Umphrey’s McGee is not for the faint of heart. With nearly 1800 shows under our belts, there’s a Fort Knox sized vault of information to keep track of.  How many times have they played my favorite song? How many versions have I seen live? What songs have I never seen performed? In an effort to give our most ardent fans the answers to these and many more questions, we are pleased to unveil

We’ve been hard at work building the ultimate statistics database and it’s time to officially share the fruits of our labor. (Umphrey’s nerds everywhere rejoice!) ATU is the most comprehensive data engine ever built about… well, all things Umphrey’s. Search by set lists, songs, venue, cities and more. Compile your own personal stats to uncover the ins and outs of your Umphrey’s live experiences.  Reference show notes, versions with improvisation, bustout potential and leave reviews on your favorite shows. There’s even a mobile site built specifically for you to reference at shows or anywhere on the go.

It’s been a longtime coming and we hope you find it as entertaining and useful as we do. We actually plan on using it to help construct our set lists too. And as always, we look forward to hearing your feedback as we continue to evolve and improve the site over time.

Head on over and start kicking the tires.

Thanks for nerding out with Umphrey’s McGee,

“Information is the seed for an idea, and only grows when it’s watered.”

A ton of folks have gone into helping build this animal and we’d like to thank everyone who had a hand in it, great or small. Adam Scheinberg (sethadam1) is your master architect and a damn fine one at that. Thanks to Jeremy Welsh (jwelsh) and Jon McLennand (McL2016) for helping sort through 15 years of set lists and nomenclature. Scott Marks (bizarro_jerry) was instrumental in getting us over the finish line with countless hours of fine tooth combing. Thanks to Syd Schwartz (Consigliere), our consigliere, and all the UM fans who’ve helped input data, great and small: Joel Berk (pfcidb), Rick Butterly (MarsupialMadness), Brandon DeJaynes (Clownshoes). John Engelman (heavynuggets), Matt Heller (MisterTinkles), Scott Heller (scottheller15), Timothy Henningsen (timothyhenningsen), John Joyce (JAJ_JAJ), Nick Morales (nickmo), and Matt Quint (mattQuint).