9/11: 11 Years On

Post from the archives: 9/11/09

A few weeks back I emailed Brendan this very classic picture from the UM archives to get his thoughts on memory lane.  I hadn’t quite got around to posting his comments but today seemed appropriate as this image popped into my mind when I rolled out of my bunk and reflected on this morning 8 years ago.

This photo was taken during our first band visit to NYC. We had been together for over a year and 1/2, but had only recently begun to try to promulgate the faith. We were not seasoned travelers by any means, and within five minutes of being in the city a local in a car began cursing our very existence for being in his way. We had arrived.

A friend of ours from ND had a boat and we went for a sail right after this picture. After stopping to marvel at the Statue of Liberty we noticed that the anchor was wrapped around the hull of the boat, and we were rapidly approaching liberty island as the tide and wind were pushing us toward certain death. Kevin Browning stripped down to his speedo (he always is wearing a speedo no matter where we are in the country, cause you never know) and dove into the Husdson with  a steak knife to cut us free. Who knows what would’ve happened to the band had he not been so brave.  The Boston Celtics hat that I’m holding was from 1983, and she was a casualty of that voyage, but we survived.

We actually slept on the boat that night, as we had no $ for hotels. The next day we played the basement of the Wetlands. Fifteen people were paying attention, but they had to because the bathrooms were next to the lounge where we were set up. We thought we had made it. Notice the baggy pants and other outdated fashion trends we were sporting. I think Farag is exhaling from a cigarette….(last week he ran a triathalon….how the times have changed us).

Thank you NYC…..



Finally, I wanted to share one other audio clip from the archives (above) as you all know my tendencies to document life as it unfolds.  On the night of September 10th, 2001 we pulled into the Band & Breakfast in Ithaca, NY to rest our heads before our gig at The Haunt on 9/11/01.  We spent that night hanging on the porch, listening to the sounds of wilderness and strumming on acoustic guitars.   I had the DAT recorder going for most of the evening and kept it out the next day to capture some of the history as it unfolded.  This is from that same porch as we sat around reflecting on what had happened and tried to decide if we could still play.