Video Chat with UM

As we approach the final HOF 2011 custom LP auction, we wanted spice up today’s offering by tacking on a winner’s bonus. In addition to the hand made LP cover (#3) and the HOF album proper, the victor in each of today’s auction will win a 10 minute video chat with the creator of their cover. For example, if you buy Brendan’s All In Time cover today, you can video chat with him about that high school class he was willfully ignoring to pen the tune. Win Stasik’s slick LP and you’ll be watching him demonstrate proper mustache waxing techniques face to face.¬†Remember, the entire dollar amount of the highest grossing cover by each band member will go to the charity of the winner’s choosing so everybody wins.

The video chat component is a one time deal and will not be offered with the final auction. This is available today only! Auctions end at 2:00PM CT so if you’re interested in asking Jake to shred you a ditty live via skype, hop to it.

(Chats will be take place on a mutually agreeable date and time. Email auctions with any questions. Six-Pack auction is not included in this offering.)