The Time Hath Come

The Floor officially has a new home.

The original blog was created on a platform that was popular around the time of the Korean War. To say it’s a bit antiquated is an understatement. So we’ve decided to upgrade and move things over to WordPress. Hard to believe 4+ years have gone by since The Floor’s inception but alas, here we are. The technology we were using was so old that we can’t even import all those posts into our new home but fear not, we’ll leave the archive up so you can meander down memory lane at will.

We are confident you’ll find The Floor new and improved as it allows us more flexibility with content & general tomfoolery. Thanks for indulging us with our whimsical behind the scenes look at all things UM. Onward & upward!

Photo by Abby Fox – 07.07.12 Indianapolis, IN