Hall of Fame: Class of 2011 Details

Of the people, by the people, for the people…

The Hall of Fame series has rapidly become a fan favorite and this year’s “Class of 2011” is back with a vengeance. Once again we asked you to weigh in on your favorite live versions of the year and we offer the most popular tracks, neatly packaged in a two-set show format.

This year’s offering encapsulates the essence of live UM: raw, energetic and inspired. Heavy on improvisation and stylistically diverse, it is what you’ve come to expect from Umphrey’s McGee. Bucking the trend, these two-track recordings have gone back in time for an old fashioned analog remastering, caressed for a sonic warmth befitting your ears.

In addition to a multitude of digital formats from MP3 to 24bit FLAC, we are proud to offer our first ever limited edition, split color vinyl. The double LP package contains the best of best of HOF 2011 pressed on vinyl as well as the unreleased gem “Santa Oddity” from Acoustic Christmas 2011 (MP3 downloads of the entire album included with vinyl purchase).

Hall of Fame: Class of 2011 Test Pressing

This year we also have a one of a kind deluxe option for you ravenous collectors of all things UM. Each band member has customized, numbered and signed 15 vinyl test pressings in their own unique style. From hand drawn art to original photographic designs, these rarities run the artistic gamut. To cap off this deluxe offering, the LP tests has been pressed on red vinyl in honor of the the top Hall of Fame track, Red Tape. We’ll be auctioning off each of these rarities over the course of the next 11 days, with the highest winning bid for each of the six band members going to the charity of the winner’s choosing. Stay tuned for full auction details coming shortly.

Album drops August 21st. Fans can purchase downloads from umlive.net, iTunes, Amazon, and more. Vinyl can be purchased directly from our store, and bid on test pressings directly from our blog beginning tomorrow! On demand CDs will also be available via umlive.net.

Hall of Fame: Class of 2011

Set I:
Ocean Billy (12.31 St. Louis, MO) 22:07
The Haunt > (11.05 Milwaukee, WI) 14:27
Soaring Uplifting Jam (04.02 Chicago, IL) 7:41
Come As Your Kids > (10.29 Atlanta, GA) 10:07
All In Time (10.29 Atlanta, GA) 20:30

Set II:
Red Tape (05.27 Chillicothe, IL) 20:24
In the Puppet Kitchen (10.29 Atlanta, GA) 14:37
1348 (2.05 Detroit, MI) 15:51 >
Robot World > (2.18 Nashville, TN) 18:57
1348 (2.05 Detroit, MI) 4:29

Bright Lights, Big City (02.11 Denver, CO) 17:40

Digital Download
$10.95 320 kbps MP3
$14.95 FLAC/ALAC
$18.99 24bit FLAC

Hall of Fame: Class of 2011 Vinyl

Side A: Red Tape (05.27 Chillicothe, IL) 20:27
Side B: In the Puppet Kitchen (10.29 Atlanta, GA) 14:52
Side C: Soaring Uplifting Jam (04.02 Chicago, IL) 7:46 > Come As Your Kids (10/29/11 Atlanta, GA) 10:20
Side D: The Haunt (11.05 Milwaukee, WI) 14:49, Santa Oddity (12.10 Chicago, IL) 4:35 vinyl only

Double Split Color Vinyl + MP3 Download