Hall of Fame Auctions

This year we are pleased to present one-of-a-kind Hall of Fame options for you ravenous collectors of all things UM. Each band member has customized, numbered, and signed 15 vinyl test pressings in their own unique style. From hand drawn art to original photographic designs, these rarities run the artistic gamut. To cap off this deluxe offering, the LP tests have been pressed on red vinyl in honor of the top Hall of Fame track, Red Tape. Each custom jacket also comes with a double LP, split color HOF pressing, and MP3 download.

These works of art will be auctioned off over the course of the next 11 days, with our blog being command central. Starting tomorrow, one cover from each band member will be auctioned off every 24 hours for a total of six auctions per day. We will also be auctioning off four ‘six-packs’ containing one LP from each band member, as we know some of you just can’t survive without a complete set.

In addition, the single highest bid for each band member’s art will be donated to the charity of the bidder’s choosing. For example, if the highest winning bid for all of Jake’s covers is $1,464,812, we’ll give $1,464,812 to charity.

Round 1

Auctions will appear in the sidebar on the right side of this blog. Each auction will last 24 hours, beginning each day at 2:00 PM CT. ‘Six-pack’ auctions will take place alongside the individual auctions on the following days:

Thursday, August 16th
Saturday, August 18th
Tuesday, August 21st
Thursday, August 23rd

You will be notified via email either if you are outbid or you win the auction.

Good luck & happy bidding!

About the art:

As usual, you get a little bit of everything from UM on this go around. Jake and Andy picked up the pen and let their inner artist loose. Joel took a series of pictures from his recent trip to Croatia and converted them into LP jackets. In classic Stasik fashion, he sexed it up with a classic ode to Pittsburgh & the mustache. Kris meticulously penned some of his favorite drum patterns from many UM staples. And Brendan wielded the sharpie to hand write lyrics from a variety of the tracks on this year’s HOF offering.