Class of 2011 has landed!

An exciting day here in our camp as the Hall of Fame: Class of 2011 has officially landed. A best of the best remastered live album chosen by the fans neatly packaged into a two set format. Don’t plan on hearing this on your local radio station as these cuts are l o n g. It appears you like ’em thick.

In honor of today’s release, we bring you the “Set I” opener from the Pageant Theatre on 12/31/11. This version sums up the essence of UM quite nicely as it patiently explores a wide range of sonic stylings. Sit back, throw on some headphones and turn it up. You’ve earned it.

The album is currently available in multiple digital formats or on CD via and the vinyl is now shipping through our online merch store. Purchase the split color, double LP and receive an immediate MP3 download to satiate your ears as the vinyl makes its way to you. (available on iTunes & Amazon shortly) Finally, keep an eye on our one-of-a-kind LP auctions taking place in the sidebar to your right. Your chance to snag a rare, customized piece of UM HOF 2011 vinyl history ends Saturday.

Hall of Fame: Class of 2011 Track List
Set I:
Ocean Billy (12.31 St. Louis, MO) 22:07
The Haunt > (11.05 Milwaukee, WI) 14:27
Soaring Uplifting Jam (04.02 Chicago, IL) 7:41
Come As Your Kids > (10.29 Atlanta, GA) 10:07
All In Time (10.29 Atlanta, GA) 20:30

Set II:
Red Tape (05.27 Chillicothe, IL) 20:24
In the Puppet Kitchen (10.29 Atlanta, GA) 14:37
1348 (2.05 Detroit, MI) 15:51 >
Robot World > (2.18 Nashville, TN) 18:57
1348 (2.05 Detroit, MI) 4:29

Bright Lights, Big City (02.11 Denver, CO) 17:40