About Jefferson Waful

Hailing from a long journalism background including a degree from Emerson College, Jefferson Waful’s next progression would naturally be shining lights in the eyes of musicians and their fans. “I came home one night from writing a piece on why haze is good for your health, flipped the switch near the door of my apartment and the proverbial light went on. I knew at that point I was destined to light up the lives of concert goers,” said Waful in an interview with LDs Anonymous. Joining the Umphrey’s team in the fall of 2008, Jefferson replaced long time friend of the band Adam Budney who had moved to Paris to pursue his lifetime dream as a runway model. “Jefferson is the only person in this galaxy that I wanted to fill my shoes, which are Prada if you were wondering,” says Adam. Jefferson is regarded as one of the best LDs in the field by UM fans and strangers alike. His dedication to the craft is unparalleled, not only creating many memorable light shows, but also using his journalism pedigree to shoot and edit many of the UM video shorts. Jefferson sits on the board of directors of the People for a Rage Stick Free Concert, gives frequent lectures on why it’s not a good idea to tap the LD on the shoulder during the show, and recently co-wrote the non-fiction best seller “I Can’t See The Stage From Here.” With his color wheel full and vibrant, Jefferson is truly a bright spoke in the Umphrey’s wheel.

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