New Ali Baba’s Tahini “Bottom Feeders”

The newest work from Ali Baba’s Tahini, Jake Cinninger’s alter ego, has arrived. Bottom Feeders, the first ABT record ever to be available on vinyl, is the culmination of two years of work spelunking a binder full of tunes. Recorded at Jake’s Boondock Studio in Niles, Michigan, the album resonates the mood of a band hunkering down in a cozy, snowed in studio. The inventive songwriting from Karl Engelmann (long time UM collaborator) runs the musical gamut and a slew of guests add musical color throughout the LP. In addition to the 12″ 180 gram LP, each package includes a bonus 7″ EP with two additional tracks.

With the digital album release not until January 9th, 2020, the LP bundle is the way to get an early taste of Bottom Feeders.


12″ LP

Side A
1. Ksenya
2. Dancing with the Rat
3. Thread from Abraham
4. Zero
5. Last Night in America
6. Strollin’

Side B
7. Money Pit
8. Down By the Lakefront
9. A Second
10. Bottom Feeders

7″ EP
A. Resolution
B. Bob Log Log Log