UMBowl VI: Choose Your Own Adventure Results

The UMBowl Choose Your Own Adventure Quarter is UM in your hands. Your real time text votes dictate how the set unfolds.

What you chose…

Total Votes: Miss Tinkle’s Overture (132), All In Time (407), Bridgeless (410)

Total Votes: Dear Lord (172), Den (436), Pay The Snucka (358)

Total Votes: Educated Guess (271), Hindsight (304), Piranhas (194)

Total Votes: Roulette (84), SFB (177), Mamu (227)

Total Votes: Riff Rock (33), Groove (115), Get Weird (272)

Total Votes: BYARM (132), Where Is My Mind? (339), That’s All (270)

 Total Votes: Bridgeless (81), All In Time (351), Miss Tinkle’s Overture (86)

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