Sonos Studio

We stopped by the Sonos Studio in LA before Friday’s show to talk all things The London Session. The listening session / Q&A was filled with a mix of informative banter and general absurdity. Here are a few shots from the event for your perusal, check back for video of the Q&A soon. Thanks to Sonos for having us, Golden Road for the libations, TourGigs for filming and all the UM fans who came out to chat.

Ryan checks out the finished vinyl packaging for the first time 

The band sits down for a quick green room interview

Manager Kevin Browning welcoming the intimate crowd

Discussing John Lennon’s favorite shitter at Abbey Road Studios (true story)

Spinning 180 grams of “Rocker Part 2” and “No Diablo”

Joel reassuring folks that he has nothing against the Clavinet

Thanks to Tim Wheaton for capturing the event